• Were does FIVE STAR HAIR COMPANY get hair from?

    We get our hair from the Temples of the wealthiest cities in India.
  • Can I Style or color the hair?

    Yes, the hair is virgin, which means no chemical dyes have been used by the donor. The hair can be colored, and styled to straight, wavy and curly patterns.
  • How long can I use the hair?

    You can use the hair extension like your own hair. With proper care of the hair it will last over a year.
  • Do you use any chemicals during the Hair Extension manufacturing?

    We don’t use any chemicals except the shampoo, which is Sulphur free.
  • Can I re use the hair extension?

    Yes, you can remove the extensions and preserve them for reuse when you change your hair style. You can keep them in a box for several years.
  • How about the “Shedding” and “Tangling”?

    The shedding and tangling will never happen if you treat the hair properly as if it were your own hair. You should take care while in the swimming pool and while sleeping. We always make the extension with virgin hair and the direction of the hair is not changed at any time. This will ensure no tangling.
  • How is the length of the hair extensions measured?

    We manually straighten the hair bundle and measure with a tape from the top of the sewing to the end of the hair.
  • Do you sell Brazilian, Cambodian, Malaysian and Russian Hair?

    NO, we do not sell Brazilian, Cambodian, Malaysian or Russian Hair. We sell only the best, raw virgin remy Indian hair.
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